Pricing/Quote Disclaimer

This website provides information and pricing across thousands of product lines and multiple decoration methods. It is our intention to ensure that the information provided is accurate and current at the time of publication. Promomania Pty Ltd at no stage intends to misguide its customers into false or misleading information. Time to time there could be errors that do occur.  Any errors found in pricing or item description, regardless of being in favour to the customer or to Promomania will be made transparent at the time of the official quote and prior to any confirmation of offical orders or payment requirements.

Additional Charges: Many of our product lines have unique individual requirements that may require further costs for such as individually packaging and or unpacking, freight charges from supplier to decorator and return, product or decoration pre-treatments and other similar production requirements. These costs may not be made available within this website and are added later if necessary unique to the product or circumstance.

Setup fees are charges necessary to make ready the equipment to decorate your chosen products. These fees are explained individually throughout the website. Setup fees do not include any artwork, design, layout, colour seperations or typesetting.  Artwork fees are only charged for if you are not able to provide the artwork/design in the correct format required for the decoration. Artwork requirements are explained throughout this website and Promomania Pty Ltd welcomes you to contact us if necessary so as to help you understand what is necessary for each method of decoration.

Freight costs are forwarded on as additional costs determined by the bulk, weight, destination and urgency of your order. We use trusted industry couriers, post and freight handlers to delivery your orders. Although we do all that we can to ensure prompt, accurate and on time delivery - Promomania Pty Ltd will not be held liable for failure of a freight company to supply as instructed. We welcome our customers to arrange their own freight if the production schedule and situation allows.

Stock items mean that to the best of our knowledge the item(s) are in stock in the colour schemes made available. If the required stock is found to be not available at the time of ordering, Promomania Pty Ltd will endeavor to source the chosen product from a different supplier or suggest an alternative. A different supplier or alternate product may not be at the same pricing as the original requested and these costs will need to be passed on to our customers.  Accurate stock measures can be made at the time of the official quoting however generally products cannot be put on hold.

Timelines for production and decoration methods are estimates only and will depend on the workload at the time of ordering. If timelines are critical - please contact us to confirm the production schedules and ensure your deadline can be met.

Small Orders/Repeat Orders: Production of smaller quantities involves the same preperation, setup and clean up as bulk orders. It is not economical financially or timely to produce a smaller quantity at the same bulk rate. Although we are happy to accommodate 'an extra few' if you need them - the costs associated will need to be passed on including any freight or suppliers 'small order fees'. The customer will need to understand that the time and extra costs involved in small orders can dramatically impact the per unit cost. We suggest ensuring that the initial bulk order fullfills current and any near future requirments.

Official Quote: We welcome our customers to request an official quote from the information provided in this website. It is then within this quote stage that any discrepancies or any errors found within the website will be made transparent to our customers and any suggestions for improvement to the decorations methods, artwork files and any other factors can be discussed to ensure the best possible outcome for price, quality, performance and durability. It is with this official quote that Promomania Pty Ltd will uphold the stated pricing for the duration of the quote validity being 30 days from date of quote or 7 days for memory devices.

Payment: An official quote becomes an order on receipt of a customers signed quote or purchase order together with the required deposit or full payment when required. Generally full payment is required for orders of $500 or less and 50% deposit required for $500+ with balance prior to delivery. We welcome account enquiries for customers who purchase at 3 seperate times over a 12 month period.

Artwork Proof: Before production of your goods, Promomania Pty Ltd will always supply a full pre-production artwork approval for each product. It is the responsiblity of the customer and is imperative that this is carefully checked and re-checked (preferably by a second party)  to confirm all artwork, layout, colours, spelling, phone numbers, specifications etc. The customer then accepts any responsibility for any errors within the artwork proof once approval has been made. The customer also acknowledges that the finished product and decoration colours may vary to those outputed by a colour printer and what is seen on screen.

Colours: Promomania makes every attempt to match requested custom or PMS colours however cannot guarantee an exact match to referenced PMS colour or previous order. Different decorations use different methods to apply colours to a product. These inks are often hand mixed and as close as possible to the requested colour but may vary 1-2 shades. Colours may also appear different when applied to different materials or and material colours and can also be perceived different under selected light sources being fluoro, sunlight, dark or bright environments. Colours varying 1-2 shades are un-avoidable and not considered a defect in printing.
Promomania cannot guarantee that all product colours will be exactly the same across an order or for future orders. Different manufacturing batches of a product can result in shade variances. If colour shade is important - we suggest ordering a sample of the current stock to approve before production.

By requesting a quote you awknowledge the above information and understand that Promomania Pty Ltd primarily upholds its reputation of satisfied customers and quality goods and reserves the right to reject requests for lower quality products or decoration methods that does not reflect our intended reputation.