Rush Orders

Many Promotional Product companies are 3rd party to the supply and production.
Promomania can offer many 'in house' decoration systems to cater for those urgent jobs so we can be in control to make it happen!
Over the past 25 plus years we have created excellent working relationships with our product suppliers and industry decorators. These relationships enable us to call in favours in order to fullfill your urgent orders.

Often though - 'to make it happen' - it can require extra shift workers to work into the night or start early morning or to call on those VIP couriers to deliver product in hours and not days.
It may be necessary to apply a surcharge fee to cover these costs when and if necessary. How quick then the products arrive to you, the client, also depends on the freight services engaged. We can arrange our preferred freight companies to delivery the service you require at cost or welcome you to arrange your own.

Freight costs
are forwarded on as additional costs determined by the bulk, weight, destination and urgency of your order. We use trusted industry couriers, post and freight handlers to delivery your orders. Although we do all that we can to ensure prompt, accurate and on time delivery - Promomania Pty Ltd will not be held liable for failure of a freight company to supply as instructed. We welcome our customers to arrange their own freight if the production schedule and situation allows.
Stock items mean that to the best of our knowledge the item(s) are in stock in the colour schemes made available. If the required stock is found to be not available at the time of ordering, Promomania Pty Ltd will endeavor to source the chosen product from a different supplier or suggest an alternative. A different supplier or alternate product may not be at the same pricing as the original requested and these costs will need to be passed on to our customers.  Accurate stock measures can be made at the time of the official quoting however generally products cannot be put on hold.