Why Promomania?

We know the job we did for you 10 years ago!

- We have a record of the product, colour, decoration, quantity and sizes you ordered.

- We take a photo of every job to ensure consistancy on repeat orders.

- We evaluate every job to take notes on any in-consistancies or ways to improve.

Value, Consistancy, Accurate, Diverse

If you are after a supplier who is here for the long term to look after you, to make it easy
and worry free - then Promomania is here for you.

Your goods come neatly packaged.
Garments are folded and packed into individual bags for presentation,
and packed into boxes from largest size on the bottom to smallest on top for ease of selection.
Qty's are checked and double checked.
We can split orders across multiple destinations.
We keep all artwork records, colour specifications, soft and hard copies accurately, safely and securely.

How else can we help you today and prepare for your requirements in the future.