Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you print all your products in house?
    Our in-house decoration methods include screenprinting, sublimation, transfers, embroidery and computer cut vinyl. More specialised decoration services are carried out by industry known professionals.
  2. Do you have minimum order requirements?
    There are no orders too big or too small but because the cost of each item is determined by how many are ordered we can recommend a minimum quantity so as you get better value for money.
  3. Are there any setup costs?
    Setup costs are necessary due to the preparation required to make ready each different decoration process. Each different product may also require a different setup. These setups can be in the form of computer programs, printing plate manufacture or machine setup. Sometimes these can be a 'one off' charge and not payable again and in other cases a 're-setup' cost at a lower rate is required for repeat orders.
  4. Do you keep our records and job history?
    A highly intelligent business management system (BMS) is the core to Promomania’s day to day operations. All job details including decoration specifics are stored within this system for ease of data retrieval and accurate record keeping. Repeat jobs are as easy as sending an email! We keep your hard copy records for 5 years and digital records in-definately.
  5. Can we see a proof before the job proceeds?
    Undecorated physical samples are available at any time to ensure the product is correct however an actual finished decorated sample is not usually possible due to the artwork and setups required. To ensure each job is produced accurately to your exact specifications, your job does not proceed until you approve a full colour digital mock up which easily displays the end result.