Cad Cut Vinyl Signage

Your design or logo is cut from different coloured rolls of vinyl then applied to your vehicle or other signage requirements in layers so as to make up the final design. As the vinyl is already coloured during manufacture the lifespan, durability and colour fastness of this method can out perform others. Graduation of colours or photo quality images is not available however there is an extensive range of specialty films such as mirror, fluoro and holographic.

Although a greater lifespan it does tend to cost more due to the labour content of the preparation and application. For this reason cost is quoted on an individual basis and is determined by size as well as how complex the design. So in order to quote successfully please supply size, artwork or a brief as well as the usage of the sign so the appropriate material is chosen.

Digital Signage

The digital revolution is here!

Its a huge desktop bubble or inkjet printer similar to what you have at home only that it uses solvent based ink and the machine is either designed to print on roll fed vinyl and banner material or sheet fed substrates like plastic, corflute (typically real estate signage) and metal.

Full Colour photographic resolutions is the result with lifespans of several years outdoors which can be further improved with overlaminating in either gloss or matt. Some of the common products include vehicle graphics, banners, posters and signs and also can include pop-up banners, flags and displays.

All products can be made to suit any size including ute trays, fences, tables etc

Prices Based on the style & size shown. Artwork & Setup charges may apply. Prices subject to change without notice.